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Harbinger Fear In The Time Of Corona [en]

Fear In The Time Of Corona

Welcome to the first issue of Harbinger.

This issue is titled F.E.A.R. in the time of Corona because we know and are aware that what is happening at this moment is due to F.E.A.R., and how that F.E.A.R. through coercion and manipulation has destroyed our sense of authority and trust in ourselves and each other.

We are truly concerned at what we have seen take place over the past nine months and believe that if we do not start to address what is truly going on that we will not be able to return to what we recognize as personal freedom.

The thing that appears central, located at the core of this hysteria, is F.E.A.R.. From the very beginnings of civilization, F.E.A.R. has been used as a means of control, this is not a new occurrence. What seems to be new in the time of Corona is the lack of reason and logic held by those we thought of as our GateKeepers. Those who could be relied upon to question everything, the champions of freedom and voice. In this time of Corona even they have allowed their own voice, to be used or taken from them due to F.E.A.R..